Control a DC Motor with MakeyMakey

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Control a DC Motor with MakeyMakey

I have a MakeyMakey board. I wanted to be able to control a simple DC MOTOR. There are most probably a lot of ways to couple the both together. One way would be to  plug it into the 5V and Ground. This setup will have the motor running but of course, it stays on and that is not what I wanted.


One of the feature I did not know about is the OUTPUT HEADER of the board. Not only can the MaKey MaKey receive inputs from all sorts of crazy objects, but output signals back into the world. This will be needed later on in this article.


I want to be able to plug the motor on the board and through a circuit, control the motor( a simple on/off thing ). Here are the steps I took to have it work that way.


One thing I want to point out is that I am using the original MakeyMakey ( the one with JoyLabz printed on the back ) and it is the FIRST version. So this article may NOT apply to V1.2 boards. In case you are curious of any GITHUB Repository for the first version boad, click here.




  1. MakeyMakey
  2. DC Motor 
  3. Alligator clips
  4. Play Doh ( or anything conductive )




  1. Flip the board and hook up one of the lead of the DC MOTOR to D14 and the other to GND
  2. Connect one end of an alligator clip to an arrow on the board( I choosed the left one ) and the other end to play doh
  3. Connect an alligator clip to EARTH on the board and hold the other end in your hands
  4. To make the DC Motor run, hold EARTH and touch The Play Doh